“Our house, in the middle of our street” Madness

We’ve been lucky enough to live in some interesting homes in various parts of England.

We started in a converted stables in the Warwickshire countryside.


A job move by Jan prompted us to move to Northamptonshire. The Tryst House was converted from an old cow barn. It was the biggest place we’ve ever lived in. A great little community of five houses. We’re still friends with our then next door neighbours.


Another change in Jan’s job meant another move, this time to an apartment in Buckinghamshire. It was an old insurance company building. Our lounge used to be one of my then customer’s office and our garage used to be part of the computer room.


Further job changes meant we were fed up with commuting from Buckinghamshire into London so we took the plunge and bought a house in Clerkenwell on the site of an old brewery. We converted 3 hours a day commuting by car/train to a 15 minute walk to the same office. We had 10 wonderful years there until we decided to downsize as part of our retirement plan. We’re still friends with our then next door neighbours.


We bought an apartment near the Barbican. We lived in Italy for a year, then moved in. We gutted and refurbished every room. This is where we now live in London during the winter.

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