2017 harvest

Photo: As always, our next door neighbour’s dog, Argo, supervised the harvest.

The 2017 harvest was completed in one day, Monday 16th October. Jan was in London at the time so it fell to Colin to oversee the harvesting of the olives and get them to the press and back home with the oil.

Harvested in the morning, transported in the afternoon and pressed in the evening….


Bottled the following day, we had a bumper harvest:


Screenshot 2018-11-21 at 22.57.31.png

2017 Olio Extra Vergine di Casa Angeletti, Cartoceto DOP

  • 420.8kg of olives
  • 67.95 kg of oil
  • 16.14% yield
  • 84litres of oil

Use on bruschetta and in salads for the first few months whilst it’s bright green.

As it ages and yellows, use in cooking and salads.

Keep in a cool, dry place, away from from direct sunlight.

Use by April 2019.

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