Last lesson

End of term party at Renton, Fano

For the second year running I’ve been teaching English to my Pansèr clubmates. I like to teach British culture as well as the language. To be fair, they really like to learn about our culture. This year they learnt how to fly the Union flag the right way up, how much they don’t like Marmite (an 80%-20% split), how to make a proper cup of Earl Grey and an insight into the lives of Del Boy, Rodney and Grandad. A rounded education I feel.

The last lesson of the calendar year was a quiz. All the questions were taken from this year’s lessons. In honour of my two cycling clubs we divided them into Team Pansèr and Team ICC. In the absence of buzzers they had to shout “Pansèr” or “ICC” before answering. They took it very seriously. Jan had to decide who shouted first, which made her the most unpopular person in the room, even though she made them scones, clotted cream and jam. They had to decide on cream first then jam (Devon) or jam first then cream (Cornwall).

All answers had to be a phrase or sentence. Single word answers were not accpetable. Team Pansèr defeated Team ICC by 22 points to 19. It gave me the opportunity to teach them “We was robbed”.

An hour of quizzing, then beer o’clock.

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