Memory Lane

Last night we sat down to watch Heston’s Marvellous Menu: Back to the Noughties. In the programme Heston Blumenthal re-united his old team and re-created the Fat Duck restaurant as close to 2001 as they could make it.

It included tracking down some artwork that is no longer on the walls. We recognised the artwork from when we celebrated Colin’s 50th birthday there, 5th May 2010.

We pulled up the photo only to discover that Colin was wearing the very same shirt featured above. It’s now relegated to a TV watching shirt, but what a co-incidence.

It was a better memory than earlier in the day. We went to the London Museum’s ‘London Calling’ exhibition. A celebration of The Clash’s iconic album. Disappointing. It was crammed into a corner and not that well curated. There were quite a few gentlemen of a certain age, those of us lucky enough to have seen them in the seventies. At least for us the Museum is only a five minute walk away, otherwise, travelling from afar they would have taken a “Train in vain”.

Searching for the Fat Duck photo we found this one of us having a birthday breakfast back in 2010 with Colin’s uncle Alan and Auntie Jill who were flying back to New Zealand later that day. There’s that shirt again.

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