Cobweb clearing in Cornwall

Photo: starting out at Rame Head

A few fun days in Cornwall was just what we needed. With friends Angel and Neil we enjoyed clean air, walks, Cornish fishing villages, laughs, pubs and fish. Lot’s of fish. Cornish crab sandwiches became the lunch time mantra.

One of the joys of visiting sea side towns and villages in the winter is that they are generally devoid of tourists. Hypocritical we know, as that’s precisley what we were. The down side is that not everywhere is open. In Port Isaac the ice cream parlour and the fish and chip shop were closed. Even the bins were closed!

Fortunately, the pubs were open.

During a visit to Camel Valley Vineyard we were treated to a sales pitch which included the brilliant line:

This is our sparkling rosé. It’s won a best in the world award for four years running, so if you don’t like it, it’s you!

Further laughs came when we were discussing old photographs. Angela suggested we could look through their old wedding photos. Lacking an enthusiastic response she added “We could see whose still alive”. So began a bizarre conversation about an Alan Partridge style TV pitch: “We’ve got this idea for a new show where we track down old family photos and play Dead or Alive?”.

Thanks to Angela and Neil for a great time during which we all did our bit to support the Cornsh fishing industry.

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