Just a perfect day

Photo: Bubbles on the balcony

What would you do if your birthday fell in the midst of a global lockdown? Have a lie in of course. Another one.

Not if your uncle, aunt and cousin live in New Zealand you don’t. The phone went off at 8 o’clock. No way were we going to answer a video call whilst still in bed. Reject call. They try again. Reject call. Send message. “We’ll call you back”.

It was worth the ridiculously early start. My family had made a birthday cake with 6 candles. One for each decade.

On the count of three, I blew and amazingly the candles went out 11,000 miles away

When the Kiwis came to Italy they learnt the delights of a Moretta. It’s a liqueur coffee drink only available in Fano, Marche. Jill in particular loves it. As we were celebrating Colin’s 60th then they felt obliged to make two each to match the candles.

During the lock down I’ve kept my cycling to shorter local routes. Very local when using a trainer on the balcony. Many of my real life rides were collecting for a food bank and shopping/collecting medicine as an NHS Volunteer Responder. Today was just for me. An appropriate 60km including some country roads. It was sunny and wonderful be out on a near normal ride. I say near normal. Last year I cycled 13,000 km with an average of 139km per ride. This year, my average is 57km. Everything is different in 2020.

The day ended with bubbles on the balcony and a photo shoot. Hardly a professional shoot but as we dressed up for dinner we decided to take photos for our over 60s free London buss/tube/train pass. Jan is not keen on her photo being taken.

Dinner was a take away from Orasay. They included a couple of candles for the dessert, which was a nice touch.

An after dinner call with my brother in Hingham, Massachusetts bookended the day with family calls.

A huge thank you for all the birthday wishes I received from all over the world. In keeping with a global pandemic, they arrived by post, email, telephone calls, text, conference calls, WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, and Strava.

A perfect (pandemic) day.

7 Replies to “Just a perfect day”

  1. Happy to have helped you enjoy your 60th Colin. As I said in your card, you started life in isolation and you spent your 60th back in isolation. Fortunately, not the same place. With much love from your little brother

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    1. Starter: Burrata with wild garlic, basil oil and fresh peas; Main course: Guinea fowl, cannelini beans, girole mushrooms and asparagus; Dessert: Cru virunga chocolate and caramelised white chocolate and two candles.


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