Brexshit Planning

“An International Driving Permit 1968 please”

Post Office employee “When are you going?”

“23rd of March”

PO “We can’t issue an IDP valid from 23rd March.”

“We don’t need one for the 23rd March. We might need one from 23:00 GMT on the 29th March”

PO “But you won’t have a licence from the 23rd March”

“Yes, we will. Our UK licence is valid until 23:00 GMT on the 29th March, maybe longer if the Withdrawal Agreement gets throught the House of Commons or Article 50 is delayed”

PO “Where are you going?”

“Only countries covered by the 1968 version, so we don’t need the 1949 version”

PO “Which countries?”

“France, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and San Marino”

A different PO person “He’s right, they only need a 1968 version”



22nd February 2019. The 40th anniversary of Colin passing is driving test.



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