Photo: ICC Italian Job caps on their way to Italy.

Our annual migration to Italy was a little earlier than usual. Our Brexit plan, CoJexit, was designed so that we’d be in Italy a week before Brexit, just in case. We stuck to our plan, the UK government, not having a plan, didn’t. By 23:00 GMT on the 30th March we’d been here, opened and cleaned the house and even had a meeting about our proposed garage. All this whilst carrying our International Driving Licences needed in case of a no deal Brexit.

The drive down was straightforward. A short detour to Ambonnay in Champagne to buy our supplies for the summer.



A stop over in Beaune to break the 1,600km journey. Escargot, Boeuf Bourguignon and a bottle of Pinot. The only problem was the Boeuf Bourguignon had to go back as it was so dry. How can a slow cooked Boeuf Bourguignon in Burgundy be dry? We later discovered the chef was Italian.


We were also carrying supplies for Colin’s cycling club mates, the Pansèrs. Each year we bring a different British beer for them to try. So far, they have sampled Meantime Pale Ale, London Pride, Spitfire and now:



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