The long goodbye

Photo: Making sure they made the bus

It’s 03:32 on Friday 22nd March. It’s dark outside. We’ve just said goodbye to three guests as they continue their tour of Europe.

To do this we had to break our own rule:

No guests the week before we leave for a season in the other house.

Over the last few weeks we’ve been saying goodbye to friends in London. Lunch with C&D, dinner with a different C&D, dinner with A&H, dinner with F&S, trips to family and a few drinks with friends at the Islington Cycling Club social.

How did we manage to leave us just one day after three guests have left to sort out all the laundry, clean, buy food, pack, load the car, shut down and secure the apartment? Family.

Our nephew, Cameron, asked us some time ago if he could stay here with one or two friends from Hamilton University in March. Sure, but we are leaving on the 23rd so before then. I didn’t really mean up to the day before we left, but we managed.

A walking tour of the City of London followed by a number of traditional British experiences.

Afternoon tea


Proper beer in Ye Olde Mitre


Fish and chips in a proper chippie


Curry night


The rest of the time they looked after themselves, visiting friends, bars, clubs and some entertaining shops in Camden. It was fun having them to stay but now we have to get ready for a 1,600km drive starting tomorrow morning.

Goodbye Cam, Cole and Jack. Goodbye friends and family. Goodbye London.


3 Replies to “The long goodbye”

  1. Thank you both so much for your hospitality! The boys looked like they were well fed and enjoying the local side of London! Enjoy your holiday!
    Amy and Ed Carroll
    (Jack’s mom and dad)


    1. Amy and Ed,
      You are very welcome. They were very considerate and looked after themselves mostly. I hope it was a good experience for Jack and maybe he learnt a few things along the way.
      Colin & Jan


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