My bacon roll

There’s lot’s of debate at the moment about living the moment or recording it on your phone. It seems we remember more if we don’t film or photo it.

That can’t be said of the Mark Knopfler gig in Cattolica last night. We went with friends Elisa and Jane.

We counted at least nine in the band so the arrnagements had to be good, and they were. Kopfler claimed they could play forty eight intruments between them, six more than he claimed in the radio interview a few days before. Perhaps they learnt them just in time for the gig.

Some of the set was a bit folksy for our taste but some great songs. We all knew the encore wouldn’t be done until ‘Money for nothing’. They obliged.

Speaking in English between some of the songs, many of the Italians seemed to understand but looked puzzled at some of the lyrics:

“S’cuse me, s’cuse me

Have you got my roll?

My roll? My bacon roll?”

We only took two pictures during the entire evening. One at the start and one to show so many people videoing entire songs, probably never to see them again.

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