Festa season

Photo: Despite the cycling jerseys, this was purely a social ocassion

By July the summer party season is in full swing. Social events abound as the weather usually settles for a couple of months of hot hot hot.

A frantic few weeks for us started with the first Cena della Pentarolese dinner. This was to mark the year when the Pentarolese (orange jersey) club ceased to exist and most of the members joined the Pansèrs (middle and left hand kit). Even the closing of a club is a good excuse for a festa.

Dressed in leopard spots Jan went into full cougar mode to bag two younger models:

Not sure what Jan was wishing for

As is usual, Italians are very generous with their catering. Poor old Anna and Daniele will be eating meat for weeks to come based on the mountain of pork, sausages and ribs left over.

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