City Break

Photo: We discovered a new cocktail place for us to enjoy in Soho. La Goccia.

For most of August we enjoyed a City break – in London. The main purpose of the trip back was for Colin to do Paris Brest Paris, but then Colin’s brother, Darren, advised us that their main holiday this year would be in the UK, including a flying visit to see us.

Whilst Colin was away Jan enjoyed the freedom to shop, dinner with girl friends and a board meeting (so not all fun).

Together, we enjoyed dinner with freinds David and Carolyn, shopping, the pub, eating non Italian food, “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” (big Tarantino fans, but this was too long), and cocktails.

On the way back we were heading to our usual stop over at Beaune when Colin decided to check the reservation. We had decided to try Bourg-en-Bresse this time but had completely forgotten. No problem, just another 100km to the journey, but a shorter drive back to Cartoceto the following day. Always worth checking.

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