Weekend whirlwind

Photo: Between Southampton and Scotland, a flying visit to London for Darren, Trish, Cam, Jacqui and Graeme

They arrived from Heathrow, but didn’t fly in. Cam had got the right airport this time, but they had to return a hire car to Heathrow before heading into London. Cam, the London expert after two days here in March was their adviser.

“Where’s all their stuff?” asked Graeme as he walked into the apartment. Welcome to minimalist living.

Walking tours of the two cities dominated.

The City of London on Friday:

The City of Westminster on Saturday:

That left just enough time for the Museum of London and brunch on Sunday at Smith’s of Smithfield, before heading back to Heathrow.

It was great to catch up with the family, especially the conversation Jan and I had with Graeme on Sunday morning whilst the others slept. He wants to be either an actor or an engineer. We shall see. Not sure he’s going to be a minimalist though.

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