Winter coat

Photo: Before leaving we have to prepare the house and garden for the winter.

We’ve been busy in the garden preparing for the big garage, cantina and portico build in 2020.

We spent two days fitting a 50m Cor-ten border between the garden and what will be gravel in front of the house. It took some doing to get the metal spikes through the soil full of genga (sand like stones that strenghthen when put under pressure), but we’re delighted with the result

We’re particularly pleased with our handiwork joining the 3m strips together. We learnt a new word during the process, “svasatore”, a countersink. The panels will rust over the winter to a uniform colour, ready for our return.

Then planting 38 oleanders

Then get a fence put up

Then cut the vines

It was just as well we got all the work done in good time as we had to leave earlier than planned so that Jan could be with her Dad when he was taken ill.

Our final day was spent shutting down the house and putting it’s winter coat on. Heating to frost protect, water off, security systems on etc.

Then a dash across Europe to get back to London and Northampton, which we did safely and in good time.

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