Small World

Photo: As we queued for a show we bumped into friends and sat together to watch the play.

We’ve been back in London for nearly three weeks now. Jan has been up to Northampton twice a week to see her Dad. Since rushing back to the UK from Italy, he has rallied a little.

Back in town we’ve been making the most of the time we’re here with cinema, theatre, and eating non Italian food.

We’ve seen The Irishman (long), Knives Out (ok) and Harriet (inspiring).

In the queue for Unknown Rivers we bumped into Cliff and Nathalie. Cliff was one of the riders that came out to Italy in September for the ICC / Pansér Twinning weekend. Free seating, so we sat together then chatted over drinks in the bar afterwards. We all enjoyed the play. Recommended.

We returned to the Hampstead Theatre for our next play.

“What’s the name of the play we are seeing next?” said Jan. “Spassky vs something”.

of all the names to forget………

‘Ravens’ was three hours long, so we went for coffee during the interval. Jan nipped off to the loo. Drinking alone a I heard a yelp and looked down to see Jan engaged with a guy watching his laptop. It turned out that he was watching the Liverpool vs Everton game, so the commotion was the pair of them celebrating the Red’s third goal. Not only that, Jan’s new friend turned out to be the author of Unknown Rivers, the play we’d seen the week before. Small world.

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