Flat out

Photo: The completed task

We were on a mission. To complete Jan’s nearly god daughter’s school project. In December a letter arrived from Molly with Flat Stanley. He’d been flattened by a steam roller and was now very flat. The letter asked Jan to take Stanley on adventures and send him back to her school with photographs and a letter telling her what he’d been up to.

Inspired by Jan’s 2018 Monopoly running challenge we bought just the board (it folds flat) an proceeded to walk the entire board, taking pictures with Flat Stanley in shot for the record.

As you can imagine, we got quite a few odd looks as we held up a laminated cartoon character to photograph. It took us a few days but we submitted the board and letter before the deadline. Mission Imflattable complete .

Let’s see what Molly and the school make of it.

2 Replies to “Flat out”

  1. Well done Auntie Bubbles and Colin, we knew this project was in safe hands and you two would come up with something out of the ordinary but never imagined how amazingly brilliant it would be.
    It was opened today in front of the class, she was busting to tell us about his adventures when Carl picked her up today. She was particularly impressed with the jail visit and shocked at the £200
    Next thing she has to do is write a story about his adventures, it’s going to be a long one, that for sure.
    Thank you so, so, much xxx

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    1. To be honest competing with scuba diving in China, Shark Wrangling in Wales or whatever Flat Stanley did last year, set the bar high, so a bit of ingenuity had to come into play. We are so chuffed she liked it, that was the main point, to make her proud. Lovely jubbly as they’d say on the Old Kent Road.XXXX


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