You’ll Never Walk Alone, the final act

Photo: “So ferry ‘cross the Mersey ’cause this land’s the place I love”

A christmas present that turned out to be a pilgrimage. The second, and final, Act of “You’ll Never Walk Alone

For Jan’s Christmas present Colin had bought two tickets for Liverpool vs Southampton. It was the obvious game to choose for a Liverpudlian and a Southamptoner. What Colin could not have imagined is that Jan’s father would pass five days after the Christmas Day gift. Roy was a previous Liverpool season ticket holder. Liverpool scarves adorned his coffin.

What struck us most about Liverpool, is how friendly and clean the city is. Every coffee bar, pub and restaurant we went to we were met with a friendly hello and service. It was exemplified by the Boot Room café at Anfield. We’d only had two coffees before the stadium tour and needed to pay. As we approached the till, a manager bashing away on his laptop nearby spotted us and came over immediatley and asked if we needed help. I can’t imagine that in many London places. A jobsworth would make us wait for a serving person. Well done Liverpool FC and the people of Liverpool.

We arrived on Thursday for the stadium tour. The staff on the tour were fantastic. Knowledgable, friendly and passionate about LFC. We’re sure we’re not the first people to do this but the tour gave Jan the opportunity to do something for her father and the family.

We left Anfield knowing that a few of Roy’s ashes were now on the Kop.

On the way back from the stadium we were entertained by a Scouser cabbie. Jan’s Liverpudlian accent came flooding back as she chatted with him. We were talking about Oxlade-Chamberlain and then Klopp when he mentioned that Klopp had brought his brother over to join the staff. I could see it coming, but it was funny nonetheless. You will have to imagine the Liverpudlian accent “eez brought eez brother over to ‘elp him, Clippity”.

Thanks to Liverpudilan and ex Oracle colleague Martin we had a great dinner at one of his recommended restaurants, Mowgli Street Food.

On Friday we walked to Baltic Triangle, stopping at the excellent Baltic Bakehouse for breakfast before heading to the Tate at the Albert Dock.

Walking through the city centre, we began to wonder which city we were in. It was spookily familiar to us Londoners:

Before dinner we popped into the Lion’s Tavern for a pint and G&T. We spotted this wonderful Resevoir Dogs style photo of Shankly, Paisley, Fagan et al.

Friday’s dinner was at another of Martin’s recommendtions, Maray, in the Albert Dock. On the way back to the hotel, we were by the Liver Building at the moment we left the EU. Not a moment of celebration for us, but a moment of sadness.

Saturday was the big game. Could the mighty Saints challenge Liverpool’s Premiership dominance?

Two weeks before, Jan’s father left us to the sound of Gerry and The Pacemaker’s “You’ll Never Walk Alone”. As you can imagine, it was intensely emotional as Jan sang along with the Kop

It was a great game. A tribute to Roy and his daughter.

For once, this Saints fan didn’t mind the result. I was so happy for Jan and her Dad.

Something to celebrate

9 Replies to “You’ll Never Walk Alone, the final act”

    1. Than you Martin. We’ll definitely return, though probably have to watch the game in a pub, can’t afford that experience too often. Thanks for all your tips, we had two lovely meals in your recommendations.


  1. Glad you had such a great time there Colin and Jan – living 40miles down the road but with a son in Liverpool, I head over there every now and then; it’s a great friendly city with a wonderful heart. William will be running in the Liverpool Half Marathon in the spring so I’ll be heading over to Sefton Park near Strawberry Fields to watch him – always a pleasure. As a fellow Saint it’s always a shame to lose but can see how important the Liverpool win was to Jan Xx

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  2. Colin, that’s a great write up! We are following in your gastronomic footsteps and have a booking for Maray tomorrow night. We just had a lovely meal at Mowgli -thanks for the tip!

    Cliff & Nat

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