Photo: Home from home. Federico and Colin enjoying a Moretta di Fano

“Bravado” Definition: a bold manner or a show of boldness intended to impress or intimidate.

Nico demonstrated this brilliantly on his last night with us. Nico is the 11 year old nephew of a Pansèr club mate. His dream was to see London. Luckily for Nico, his cousin Federico, who use to work in London, agreed to show him around for a few days. They were no trouble, disappearing all day to see the sights.

Passing on the chicken, Nico discovered he likes English sausages. A lot.

On their last night we treated them to dinner at Vinoteca Farringdon. We learnt that Nico’s favourite thing of the whole trip was the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace.

We also witnessed a classic example of bravado. We’d ordered Vinoteca’s signature dish, onglet steak, for all. “What’s this?” enquired Nico. Federico, the chef, explained it was horseradish. A bit like wasabi he added helpfully. Nico tried a very small amount and reacted how you might expect a young person trying something so strong for the first time.

Nico decided to try it again, this time a little more. I didn’t go well. Much to the hilarity of the Italian speaking waiter, Nico dived off to the gents to wash his mouth out. We were astounded when he came back for more! This time he was a lot longer in the bathroom and was very quiet for the rest of the evening.


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