London calling

Photo: Not sure why we swapped the autumn sunshine in Italy for this

At this time of the year we’d normally be preparing for our return to London for the winter. Not this year. Brexit and Covid means we’ll probably be in Italy for the winter, with no idea when we’ll be in London next. If there is another lock down, we’d rather be in Casa Angeletti than in the apartment.

With this in mind we decided on a quick dash to London to sort out a bunch of stuff.

We were busy.

During our stay we bought a load of stuff to take back to Italy; cleaned the apartment; collected veggies for a food bank; saw friends for dinner; gave blood; saw our estate agent about selling the apartment some time; completed Lamb’s Passage Management Company business; rode the Italian Job with the maximum of 5 other riders; met with a company who might rent out the apartment; and finally had dinner with friends on the last night of Tier 1 for London.

Whilst out on a walk through the City, we noticed a new dry cleaners. Not sure they thought through their shop front:

We got back last night. We’re now in isolation pending our Covid test tomorrow morning.

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