It’s been a while

Photo: A fantastic lunch at Falco in the sunshine on the last day of September with Bernadette and Gerard.

We realised today that we’ve not updated this blog for some time. Looking back at the photographs since our last entry in July, we realised that our life has been dominated by training for and then comleting the Giro di Muscoli (see Colin’s blog) with a few guests sprinkled throughout the summer.

The last of our guests for 2020 left this morning. Bernadette and Gerard headed back to the Netherlands. Eating, drinking and chatting featured highly.

Our other guests this year were Emilia, Jyde and Arun then Andy who joined me for five stages of the Giro di Muscoli.

Now that Autumn is well and truly with us we will be very busy until at least the end of the year. Updates will be more often over the next few months as we start our garage, cantina and portico build; buy another property; apply for our Italian residency; change the registration plates on the car; harvest the olives and nip back to London for a week whilst we still can. Watch this space.

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  1. …and we’ll look forward to. welcoming you back on your return to London! You’ve got your work cut out before then, so best of luck to you both.

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