The cover up is always worse

Photo: One of the three guests was responsible for the travel arrangements to Amsterdam. For the record, it wasn’t our nephew.


In our recent post, The Long Goodbye we talked about leaving London and seeing off our American guests at 2 o’clock in the morning the day before we drove a thousand miles to Italy.

It was later we discovered what happened to them. On arrival at Stansted, with only hand luggage, they headed for security. They were pulled over to one side. “… you’re at the wrong airport mate”. Their flight was from Heathrow.

Instead of spending the day in Amsterdam they had to spend the day at Stansted airport waiting for an evening flight.

They say the reason they didn’t say anything (we found out from other sources) was that they were so embarrased as we’d paid for their bus tickets and got up at stupid o’clock to see them off.

The real reason is of course that they knew Colin would have taken the piss.

It’s good to know that the future of the USA is in such good hands. Still, at least uncle Alan is happy. His Eindhoven Error has now been upstaged by the Stansted Screw Up.



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