Italian robots

Photo: Colin, Jan, Gessica and Mirco

One of our favourite places to eat. Da Gustin, Bargni. We wined and dined very well as always, but it was the company that made it. It was an innocent question about their robot lawn mower (we are seriously thinking of getting one).

It turns out that their German robot lawn mower is very Italian. Refusing to work in the heat. They even tried an umbrella to keep it cool, but no, the robot was having none of it. Mirco showed me the GPS tracker showing that it was being re-educated back in Germany.

The conversation got more absurd, and funnier, as we speculated that the great robotic revolution will stall in Italy as the robots adopt a more “Dolce vita” approach to working.

Flitting between Italian and English, we had such fun with M&G. A wonderful couple and great freinds. I even came away with some great material for my ambition to do a stand up comedy gig in Italian one day.

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