Final fling

Photo: Festa della Gluppa on the beach in Fano.

What’s a Gluppa? It’s a word in the Fanese dialect to describe a handkerchief tied to a stick to carry food. The festa is a BYO DIY event. They supply the tables, chairs and entertainment, you bring the rest.

This was our last social event before heading back to London for the rest of August. Jan will stay in London whilst Colin does something stupid on a bike (Paris-Brest-Paris).

Food, wine, beer, chat, Jan’s very popular chocolate brownies, a stand up comic and music. The finale of the evening was lying on sun beds at 23:30 to watch the firework display over the Adriatic. In keeping with our recent Mark Knopfler and Bocelli concerts I decided to just watch and not video. Spoil sport.

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