Fields of dreams

Photo: If I stay really still you won’t see me. One of our many lizard friends that made it’s home in the barbecue whilst we were in lockdown.

Fields have dominated our time back in Italy over the last few weeks. Jan has been running next to them and Colin has been doing the same on his bike, despite the heat. Returning one afternoon from a long ride the bike computer reported a temperature, officially known as “Scorchio”:

A green field with twenty two players and no crowd dominated one evening. With Man City losing to Chelsea. Liverpool became Premiership Champions for the first time. We were so glad we went to Anfield to watch them play Southampton in February – their winning season.

A few days later the fields of Glastonbury visited us for an evening. On what would have been the Saturday night top spot on the Pyramid stage we held our own Glasto. We joined a Zoom call with several friends back in the UK. We’d each submitted three songs. Carl, our host, played them with a YouTube video. We decided to make our own Pyramid stage with the jacuzzi cover.

Our songs were:

Amarillo” by Tony Christie

Summer of ’69” by Bryan Adams

For some reason, for our final contribution, Jan chose “We are the Champions” by Queen. Can’t think why.

For the rest of the time here we’ve been very busy in our field. Or garden, as we prefer to call it. Our spring planting plan was conducted in the heat of July. Not the best time to plant as we’re having to water them every day. At least we have our own water well (pozzo). We did, once we’d had the pump replaced after we discovered it didn’t like being left for seven months and decided to pack in completely.

7 hydrangeas under the shade of the cyprus trees:

Another 19 oleander to provide colour and cover the bank:

Another 100 lavender plants to keep the bees happy:

and finally a couple of summer flowering plants to stand guard outside the front door:

If you know what they are, please let us know:

As soon as the temperature is little higher, we’ll claim our reward in this:

La Dolce Vita.

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